REVIEWS – Are They Important?

Therapy Register Reviews

They are not only important but absolutely essential !

Reviews are used every day without people even thinking about it – the purchase on Amazon, a Holiday Hotel, the Services that we use and many other ways.  The first thing many people do is check the reviews!

We use them to judge products and services and/or influence our decision making which makes Reviews a very powerful tool for your business and here are some reasons why…….

Lets start from the beginning…

It’s a great way to engage your customers after they have received your goods or services.    When customers engage this way it shows that your goods or services are worth learning about and may encourage new customers.  Reviews also give people reassurance that they are making the right decision.

Good honest reviews are the best, after all we all feel a bit suspicious when everything is glowing and five star so don’t be worried about getting lower stars – it’s all positive and you may get some great feedback that you can use in your business.  Never be afraid to get bad reviews – it is how you deal with them that counts and that can always be turned into a positive!

Online reviews are great for making you more visible online as search engines like Google use their unique ways of indexing and surfacing content of a website to improve its search results. 

So how do you get Reviews? …

Keep it simple. A short follow up email thanking them for their custom and a link to your listing on the website to ask them if they would kindly leave a review of their experience.

Offer incentives.  Maybe a discount for their next visit or a little something for their time.  This improves customer satisfaction even more.

Encourage your customers to not only leave a review on the website but also on your social media page to widen the scope.

Each business has its own appeal, what works for one might not work for another.  Whatever you do, make the review process as easy as possible by sending direct links, maybe offering incentives and by engaging with your customer you might not only get their repeat business but also business from their friends and family.

Your listing on the Therapy Register website has the perfect place for your customers to add their reviews.  Just send them the link to your listing page.

Reviews are moderated to avoid any spam comments.

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