Terms and Conditions

The information, techniques, methods and recommendations made by us 'S.F.T.R www.therapyregister.net' relating to any form of complementary health therapies is not intended to substitute for the diagnosis and care of a qualified physician / GP nor to encourage the treatment of illness by persons not recognizably qualified. If you use complementary therapies such as hypnosis & are under medical care for ANY condition do not make ANY adjustments to ANY prescribed medication without the approval of your doctor. If in any doubt you should seek your GPs advice.

Our Members

All our  members are expected to fully abide by our code of conduct.

Membership listings with us are at our discretion at all times. We reserve the right to decline/terminate and or remove any  member or open college student at any time as we see fit without explanation. All members and students agree to this fully by signing to our disclaimers and terms of conditions.

The central belief of the S.F.T.R www.therapyregister.net is that complementary health therapies do have a valid place in medicine and that we seek wherever possible to educate the public so that they can readily find a qualified and verified therapist.

It is important for members of the public to know that all our registered members are subject to disciplinary procedures as laid our in our Members code of conduct should they step astray.

All Membership cancellations must be put in writing within 14 days of receiving your yearly Membership Certificate. After this time period there will be a cancellation and membership Certificate printing charge. Paid for Memberships fees will not be refunded after one month.

All Members joining the register are totally responsible for their own listing and their own uploaded content including their personal details on their profile page. All members profile pages are visible in the public domain and are live.

Anything that a new or existing member adds to their profile page will be available to all members of the public searching the search engines.

Any content that a member adds to the registers profile pages will be automatically scanned and recorded by all search engine.

Even after a members account has expired or been deleted, members details will remain on the search engines. All members who add their own personal or professional and business details to the register are 100% responsible for adding it.

We accept no responsibility for what you add and what appears in the search engines during live or expired accounts and it would be your responsibility to request your info to be removed from the search engines and not the register owner. You agree and sign/tick to this by opening up an account.


Any Registered Member that has the word 'verified certificate holder' next to their name has submitted copies their qualifications/credentials to us through the post for verification and approval. These members hold our certificate of verification & approval. This does not mean that any member that has not been verified is in any way less qualified. This just means that we do not have their credentials on record! All new Member qualifications must be checkable and relate to the UK. All Degrees Ba, Bs, MA, Dr, Phd must be UK issued Degrees and FULLY verifiable as REAL UK TIME SERVED Degrees to be displayed on the register. Not Home Study, Life Experience or bought off the internet. All Members must hold and include a copy of their practice professional insurance cover. Any qualification that is not REAL such as Life Experience Degrees will have their Membership terminated. All members agree to this by signing the application form.


The www.therapyregister.net is a non profit Foundation which exists to promote responsible, ethical, professional complementary health practices such as the correct use of hypnosis, counselling etc to the public and the conventional medical profession as required. We insure that an awareness within the Sherwood Foundation S.F.T.R and www.therapyregister.net through our members has a strict code of ethics, a disciplinary procedure and that all our members are insured to practice.

The S.F.T.R & www.therapyregister.net accepts no responsibility in any form whatsoever if you found and used a therapist that is or was listed on this register that turned out to have feet made of clay!


You should satisfy yourself that you are comfortable with the privacy policy adopted by us which supports & advocates all ethical policies with regards to your privacy and data protection. The Sherwood Foundation S.F.T.R and www.therapyregister.net is independent of any other organisation or political group/s. The Sherwood Foundation S.F.T.R and www.therapyregister.net has no duty or policy to update any information or statements contained on this page and therefore such information or statements should not be relied upon as being current as of the date you visited us. Moreover any portion of the above may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

Logo Usage

Any registered Member may use the Company Logo. This may be displayed on your website and literature in relation to you (the person) only. The Logo is not an endorsement or recognition or Membership of your Business, Company or Website, Therapy or Service. The use of the Logo only relates to you as the Member ONLY. Any misrepresentation of the logo will result in the termination of any Members Membership. The display of the logo on any Company or Business Websites or Literature must state under the logo in words that it relates to you the Member (the person – name) and not the Company, Business, Website or service.

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