The Sherwood Foundation SFTR was formed in 2002 (out of pain & suffering) and is now a 'Growing National Register of Therapists'. The Foundation currently has over 2000 listed members including overseas. We are including others weekly as new member details are being queued for entry.

The Foundation is an independent, self standing, self regulating professional body and therapists register which provides a reputable registration with verification and membership for all qualified main stream and multi-discipline/complementary therapists working in or around health practices.

The SFTR's main aim is to provide members of the public and therapists alike a reputable, respected and recognised professional supportive body and register to which professional therapists and students can belong and interact with.

We have received various letters and emails from unhappy, disappointed therapists who are or have been members of other professional governing bodies and registers that charge highly for yearly memberships. Many of the Registers and governing bodies around provide an excellent service some however do not. Some charge hundreds of pounds per year for nothing more than the use of letters after the members name with an associated reputation to that body and maybe a newsletter. Although reputation and association to certain high profile governing bodies is at times essential it is in the view of some (In their words) possibly low income therapists, not value for money.

The SFTR seeks to help all it's members in their complementary therapy careers and with professional training for up and coming students in any way it can. We have in the 'pipeline' workshops, bulletin boards, message forums and an informative newsletter published monthly for all members to exchange and offer or receive advice and feedback with one another.

SFTR Values

The SFTR believes that many complementary health related therapies contribute in many ways to the well being of individuals and those members of the public that need an alternative or addition to the services of the NHS and local GPs.

The SFTR believes that some complementary therapy practices have a valued place alongside medicine.

The SFTR believes wholeheartedly that mind and body are bound up as one and the same, so real or imagined, psychosomatic or somatoform disorders and problems have their underlying causes, origins, conditioning, programming within the unconscious mind of the sufferer and as a result of many things such as with suppressed, repressed, misinterpreted, unaccepted, un-dealt with psychological material (states) it may convert or transfer itself to appear in more manageable but negative outlets as intrusive and unwanted states such as in the development of troublesome symptoms and behaviour upon the surface within conscious awareness of the patient.(c)

The SFTR believes that complementary health therapists should receive more promotion and professional recognition than they get. The SFTR aims to do this in any way it can.


The purpose of this Register is to establish and maintain excellent standards in complementary health and therapy practices. The SFTR is a multidisciplinary professional body, our codes of ethics seeks to address good practice in all our registered members at all times.

We exist to promote responsible, ethical, professional complementary and mainstream health practices such as the correct use of the many alternative and complementary therapies listed within this register which is openly available to the public and conventional medical profession as and when required. All of our listed members are required to abide by our code of practice

The SFTR seeks to educate as many members of the general public as it can so that they can easily find a qualified therapist in their area as a result of visiting this Register.

NOTE: Before using any listed Member on this register please check their qualifications and credentials displayed on their listing first.
Each registered member is totally responsible for the accuracy of their own listing on this register.

Therapy Register SFTR