Code of Conduct

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All members/registrants agree to abide by the following code of conduct.

  • I shall at all times conduct my professional activities with the propriety and dignity becoming of a good service to members of the general public.
  • I shall not under any circumstances infringe the code of morality becoming my profession and shall not commit any breach of conduct that would in any way adversely reflect upon myself, the SFTR or upon my fellow members, practitioners and Colleagues.
  • I shall not under any circumstances offer or promise any cures for any conditions whatsoever.
  • I shall not give any lewd unregulated performances or displays that presents hypnosis or any therapy as a means of bad entertainment (e.g. Unhealthy, Drunken 'Back Street' Stage Hypnosis, mind altering Acts)
  • I shall never enter into an inappropriate relationship with a client, patient under my care as a practicing therapist.
  • I shall never make physical contact with the client in any way during a counselling/therapy session or hypnosis induction without agreement, explanation and permission received first.
  • I shall endeavour to keep my ‘clients' affairs confidential, the law of the land not withstanding.
  • I shall accept that any client referred to me by a GP remains the clinical responsibility of that Medical Practitioner and therefore I shall agree to keep that Medical Practitioner & other relevant agencies up to date with written report/s of the client's progress if needed.
  • I shall under no circumstances advise my clients to discontinue any course of treatment as prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner without their written consent and full approval.
  • I shall at all times respect the integrity of other recognised health care professionals.
  • I shall provide therapies to my clients only in areas that I am qualified to. I will only practice with professional indemnity insurance.
  • I shall not allow religion/s, race, creed, gender, political views and similar to in any way influence my client therapy sessions.
  • I shall never make claims to being in any way by association, inference etc to be medically qualified or experienced if I am not.
  • I shall display all my qualifications, Diplomas, Certificates at all times.
  • I shall only charge my clients per session and not receive payment in advance for
    'package treatments' for eg, receiving payment for 10 or 20 sessions or so up front.
    (This has been known! The Foundation will not tolerate this)
  • I shall agree to inform the SFTR at the earliest moment and in writing of any complaints that may be made against me or police charges or convictions that would affect my position, reputation or ability to practice in any way.
  • I shall ensure that any advertising that carries the Foundations designatory letters after my name complies with the British Code of Advertising, British Advertising Authority and Trading Standards Authority and will make available any applicable literature that the Foundation wishes to see if ever such a situation arose,
  • I shall only use the Foundations designatory letters to which I am entitled.
  • I shall not claim to have qualifications or credentials I have not earned.
  • I shall not become or remain a member of any organisations that has been exposed to public scrutiny as dangerous or fraudulent in any way or which causes detriment to the profession of Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Complementary and Alternative therapies described herein.
  • I accept the authority of the panel regarding any breach of the Foundations Codes of Conduct.
  • I understand that the panel can suspend or terminate my membership and or membership / Certificate for infringement of any of the above codes at any time.

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